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Halloween Costumes and Party Ideas

Halloween Wreaths by L.A. Cargill
How to Make a Halloween Wreath
Halloween Wreaths - How to Make a Halloween Wreath. - Are you always asking yourself what to make for Halloween? It is fun and easy to make a great Halloween door wreath that can be stored and used every year to notify the little munchkins that you are open for trick or treating in your neighborhood. Make your hand crafted wreath spooky or beautiful. Make one or two for every holiday. They really brighten up your home and get you in the mood for a ghostly good time!

Halloween Costumes - Mad Scientists
Halloween Costumes - Mad Scientists!
Halloween Costumes - Mad Scientists! - Halloween costume ideas are many, but none are so perfect as the Mad Scientist and Science Halloween Party Theme. So many opportunities for Halloween decor and recipes for Halloween punch! A mad scientist Halloween costume is easy and fun to make and won't cost a fortune. Accessories are simple flasks, beakers and dry ice. All kinds of fascinating Halloween decor and party ideas just jump to mind! All you need is a lab coat and a wild wig!

Zombie Apocalypse
Zombie Apocalypse
How to do Zombie Makeup and Prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse - Aside from the Walking Dead TV show and many zombie apocalypse movies, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention want you to prepare for the coming zombie apocalypse. They are preparing to save lives, protect people and cut health care costs by issuing guidelines on protecting yourself and others in the event of a major zombie attack or other unexpected public health emergency.

Twilight Halloween
Twilight Halloween Party Ideas
Halloween Party Ideas - Vampires, Werewolves, Twilight TV and Movie Theme - The Twilight series started a whole new buff movement of vampires and werewolves. It is most appealing to teens trying to find their favorite horror genre characters. Halloween is fun! Choose from a variety of Halloween costumes for vampires, werewolves, goth look, and vampire themed fantasy romance costumes.

Dark Shadows Party Theme
Dark Shadows Halloween Party Ideas
Halloween Party Ideas - Dark Shadows TV and Movie Theme - Dark Shadows, the TV series or the new movie with Johnny Depp, makes a creepy and satisfying theme for a Halloween party. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts and witches are back with gusto. These characters are easy on the hair and makeup and costumes are available, perhaps in your own closet. Halloween themed parties are the best fun around. Dark Shadows has so many adaptable items for a party that I can't count them all!

Halloween skull
Sons of Anarchy Halloween Party Ideas
Halloween Party Ideas, Sons of Anarchy Theme - Halloween Decor, Sleeve Tattoos, Costume Ideas for a cool Halloween Party. Sons of Anarchy - Inside The Final Ride: Dressing SAMCRO Video. Food ideas for tricks and treats. Costume store links.

Zombies and Tricks and Treats
Zombies, Tricks, and Treats
Halloween Party Ideas - Funny Halloween Tricks With Video - Halloween trick or treat? Treats are good, but I say tricks are more fun. Halloween gags to play on your friends and enemies. Here are some clever ideas for a Halloween party. Make your own Halloween props. These tricks are fun to pull on ex-friends and lovers or anyone you probably don't like very much. Don't get mad, get even!

Halloween Party Plan - Dexter
Halloween Costumes - Dexter Party!
Halloween Party Ideas - A Very Dexter Party Guide - What better Halloween party guide can you find than the creepiest serial killers ever? Sure the body count is absurdly high, but isn't that what Halloween is all about - a celebration of death? In Mexico, All Hallow's Eve is known as Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). And as Dexter is so fond of saying, Tonight's the night!

Halloween Witches
Halloween Costumes - Witches!
A Halloween Witch Tale - Quit Smoking! - Can four men quit smoking in just one day? This is the age old tale of men who smoke and the witch who loved them. How to quit smoking? A scary Halloween story. Travel back in time to the Salem Witch Burnings and discover the secret to quit smoking!

Custom Made Dream Catchers

Bear Claw charm dream catchers by L.A. Cargill
Legend of the Dream Catchers
Legend of the Dream Catchers - Dream catchers are interesting works of art. Legend has it that they destroy nightmares. There are many notions and legends about dream catchers, but basically they are for home decor. They represent the Native Americans of the U.S.A. and beautify your home, thereby beautifying your life.

Native American Tribes

Choctaw great seal - wikimedia commons
The Choctaw Nation
Native American Tribes - Choctaw - What is the Native American Culture like? Explore the history of Native American Tribes through this series of articles beginning with the Native American Choctaw tribe of North America. It is no longer correct to refer to Native Americans as 'Indians'. It is more correct to refer to tribal names or indigenous Americans or First Americans. The First People of the new lands were real and were in harmony with the earth.

Choctaw dress and powow regalia
Choctaw Regalia
Native American Tribes - Choctaw Dress and Powwow Regalia - Native American dress and customs, specifically the Choctaw tribe, have their own style and beauty. The shawl was an important part of dress for all Native American women. When powwow meetings come around, most Native American Indian tribes can be recognized by their dress and bead work. They also have patterns in clothing that are unique to each tribe.

Navajo Sand Painting
Navajo Tribes
Native American Tribes - Navajo - Of all the northern Native Americans, the Navaho tribe and culture fascinate me the most. I have attempted to document some of the Navaho history and culture. Included are maps to the Navaho, Zuni and Hopi Nations of the southwest U.S. Camping tips at the Navaho National Monument are also mentioned. Come and learn more about our indigenous peoples.

Seminole Blanket
Seminole Tribes
Native American Tribes - Seminole - The Seminole tribe of Native Americans was considered one of the five civilized indigenous peoples of early America. Along with the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Creek. They never signed a peace treaty with the United States, nor did they give up their land holdings in Florida.

Aztec and Mayan

Aztec design tattoo
Aztec Star or Flower Tattoo
Aztec Tattoo Designs - a collection of some of the tatt designs I have done. Aztec tattoos and tribal tatoos are very popular these days. Mexico and Central and South America have a huge native population with clever designs for these types of tatts.

Chichen Itza
Mayan Pyramids
Secrets of the Mayan Pyramids - Numerous myths abound regarding the pyramids of the Maya. These are the secret facts about the Mayan pyramids. Which are the most famous? How to recognize a typical Mayan pyramid? What were they used for? Who built them and why? Approximately six million native Mayans are still living in the countries of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Their language is not dead, and is still spoken today. The Mayans use a form of phonetic and written cuneiforms to write sophisticated books and record important Mayan events.

Mayan Calendar
Mayan Apocalypse
Mayan Apocalypse - What Happened? - Experiencing a cultural event is something everyone should do during their travels. The much hyped 'Mayan Apocalypse' prompted much interest in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico in 2012. It was the definitive end of the world scenario for many conspiracy theorists. Whole books were written about the famous Mayan Apocalypse.

Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Scientist
Laboratory Scientist Careers
Medical Laboratory Scientist and Laboratory Professionals - After a mere four years of college and a year of unpaid internship, a Medical Laboratory Scientist with a Bachelor's Degree may begin to enjoy the true advantages of being part of a valued medical team. Of all the careers available in health care, none is better suited to independent thinkers and problem solving individuals - oh, and those who want to help mankind and save the world.

Medical Laboratory Scientist careers
Health Care Lab Careers
Medical Laboratory Science - A Booming Career Field - Medical technology and medical career fields are still booming. As the population ages from the baby boomer years, more and more people are in need of health care. Analyzing blood tests, body fluids and microbiology are the mainstays of medical technology. Other health care careers in this field include electronic medical records and scientific analytical methods. Microbiology, Hematology, Chemistry, Blood Banking, Transfusion services, and pathology are all in need of qualified workers.

pass a drug test
About Urine Drug Tests
All about Urine Drug Tests and Urine Drug Screens - The majority of employers across the United States are NOT required to drug test, and many state and local governments have statutes that limit or prohibit workplace testing, unless required by state or Federal regulations for certain jobs. Also, drug testing is NOT required under the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988. Always consult a lawyer for accurate information on urine drug tests, urine drug screens, and your rights. Read more here...

blood types, blood groups
Blood types, blood groups, blood banks
Blood Types and Blood Bank Testing for Nurses and Doctors - Blood Groups and Blood Types - Everyone wants to know their blood type. You might be surprised to know that no blood banker worth a darn is going to accept your stated blood type. We just smile and say, that's interesting, or words to that effect. The only time we will accept your blood type is when we draw your blood ourselves and get it down to our little work station and type those cells ourselves. And then we'll only trust it for three days.

med techs, nurses, doctors
Top 10 Tips for Lab Tests
Top 10 Tips for Lab Tests - Nurses and Doctors receive a tremendous amount of schooling to do what they do. Most of the time, they get good information. Some of the time, specialists in the real world can help you get it right.

Rh Negative blood types
Rh Negative Blood Types
Rh Negative Blood Lines, Evolution, and Biblical Connections - The Rh protein and genetic marker was DISCOVERED in the Rhesus monkey. This specific genetic marker is found in primates of which man is one. This indicates that somewhere back in history, the genetic marker came from an ancestor that was common to apes, monkeys and man.

Blood Donations
Blood Donations
Who Can Donate Blood? - Can Gay People Donate Blood? New rules come out every year for those who want to donate blood to help save lives. Many people are surprised to learn that they will be 'excluded' from donating blood because of sexual orientation. There are special rules for gay people who want to donate blood. People with tattoos can donate blood after meeting certain donation requirements.

Blood Type Diets
Blood Type Diets
Blood Type Diets - Death is an unfortunate side effect of receiving the wrong blood type. Your body will violently react to even small amounts of incompatible blood. A cascade effect follows and your organs shut down either immediately or within a few days. A similar, although milder, reaction can occur when you eat incompatible foods. This is the theory behind blood type diets. Foods contain lectins which may react with certain blood types.

Interesting Recipes

shrimp stuffed jalapeños on the grill
Grilled Jalapeños on the smoker
How to make stuffed jalapeño recipes - Diablos (shrimp and cheese stuffed into peppers, wrapped in bacon, smoked on the grill.
Here are instructions for the best stuffed pepper poppers you will ever eat!

Coconut Mochi Dessert
Coconut Mochi Dessert Recipe
Coconut Mochi Dessert Recipe - There is probably nothing better and more buttery than Hawaiian coconut butter mochi. Easy to prepare and cook and deliciously comforting. Coconut mochi (pudding) will calm you and satisfy your sweet tooth. It's also an elegant and unusual dessert that you can use to impress your friends and family.

Pet Food, Pet Toys, Pet Stories

Safe pet food
Organic Pet Food and Treats
Gourmet and Organic Pet Treats and Foods - We love our pets! Second only to human food, the pet food market is blooming and going organic and gourmet! Too many beloved pets have died from cheap, dangerous processed food. The best pet food diet is a safe one. Save this list of pet food guidelines.

Flash Fiction and Short Stories by L.A. Cargill

The Vampire by L.A. Cargill
The Vampire - Flash Fiction
The Vampire - A Med Tech Story by L.A. Cargill - Phlebotomists and Medical Technologists are not the normal kind of vampire you find in scary flash fiction. They are real people doing real work for the health care team. Although this is a short story, it is based on the real life adventures of a Medical Laboratory Scientist. Because of my profession, I always dress as a vampire for Halloween.

About Lela

L.A. Cargill (Lela) Self
L.A. Cargill
Writer, Photographer, Artist - Lela Cargill, MLS (ASCP) B.A. (Journalism) writes clever and interesting blog posts, recipes, stories about Native Americans, Dream Catchers, Aztec and Mayan culture, photography, Medical Laboratory Science, Blood Banking, and whatever else catches her eye. She was born and raised in the great state of Texas, but has also lived in Mexico and Hawaii. Lela became a MLT in 1976, then a fully licensed and certified Medical Laboratory Scientist (ASCP) in the 1990s. She has over 30 years experience as a med tech.

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