Halloween Tricks With Video

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Trick or Treat - Party Ideas for Halloween

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Halloween Fun

Tricks or Treats for Halloween?

Strangely enough, everyone loves tricks too!

Do you miss the fun times of carrying around a bag of fresh dog poop and some fake spiders. You put the dog poop bag on the porch of some dark treat free butthole's house, put some fake spiders on top, ring the doorbell and run like hell for the bushes so you can watch the hapless victim stomp on the bugs. Oh, that was such fun!

How about the carload of friends driving around with freshly bought toilet paper and eggs so you can launch a fun filled attack on the coach's house? The tall boys could really pitch those rolls up high into the trees and silently spookify the victim's yard. Then the eggs pelt the door as you run for your life. Remember to take videos and photos!

Bad Halloween Tricks

There comes a time in everyone's life when someone really ticks you off. It may be your ex or even your boss. These people went past the treat stage long ago. You tried to be nice to them, then they turned into Halloween witches or vampires even in January.

The Best and Funny Halloween Pranks and Tricks


Before playing nasty tricks on your friends, ex-friends, enemies, ex-lovers, ex-bosses, or anyone else, remember that some of these tricks can and often do result in assault charges for the perpetrator! Don't be a bully! Don't do harm to people, animals, or property with or without malice in your heart. Playing Halloween tricks can be good fun, but it can also be dangerous. It can also escalate to really bad things. BE CAREFUL!

Here are some really nasty tricks to play:

  1. Send straight or gay pornography to the victim or worse, send it to their significant other. All you need is their home or work address. Call the magazine subscription office from a pay phone, preferably in another town. Ask for the bill me option. Do not pay for the subscription with a credit card or check.
  2. Call the utility companies and have all their utilities disconnected. Use the victim's name to do this. Repeat every few months.
  3. Switch their reading glasses with those of a different corrective strength. Then laugh when they try to read stuff!
  4. Have a port-a-potty set up on their lawn by a port-a-potty company. Expensive, but effective for getting your point across.
  5. Send them some fake food that really looks like cakes, cookies, or candy. Hopefully, they won't chip a tooth on the plastic. Make sure they never find out who sent them or you could be charged with assault!
  6. Drop the victim's name, number and address into the local witch coven's sign up list or any other spammy list you can find.
  7. Find the name of the victim's doctor and mail the victim a fake official looking letter stating that John or Jane Doe has named them as a sexual contact and that John or Jane Doe has recently tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease. You could actually use any doctor's name and a fake phone number. Include the phone number for the public health department! Again, don't get caught doing this!
  8. There are tons of anonymous email sites on the web. Send them a nasty email. Make sure you never put anything incriminating in writing, even anonymously. Keep everything very mysterious and scary, like, "I know who you are, and I saw what you did!"
  9. There must be some skunk juice you can buy somewhere. Google it and get some and douse them or their car with the stuff. Any foul smelling concoction will do. Again, this could be considered assault, so be careful.
  10. This one is the easiest and probably the cruelest - go to a gay bar and leave the victim's phone number everywhere, especially in the rest room. Write something like, "I'm really shy but would love to try the gay thing, call me!" Make sure your mark isn't really gay or this trick won't work very well.
  11. Answer your door wearing a really scary Halloween costume when the kids come around. Laugh as they run away screaming in fright!
  12. Buy some smelly bags of manure and spread the contents around your target's yard or car. You are going to end up smelly too, so take a shower ASAP.
  13. Carry a portable air horn in your pocket and sneak up behind someone and give them a blast!
  14. A traditional Halloween trick is the old toilet paper in the trees or the rotten egg toss.
  15. Wear a gorilla suit and jump out at the trick or treaters.
  16. Zombie mobs are really popular lately. Get your friends together and have a zombie apocalypse in the front or back yard!

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