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Organic Pet Food means Un-processed

By now human adults have figured out that some processed foods are bad for our health. Natural food is the food we evolved with and that is one reason that the Paleo diet is supposed to be the best food you can eat.

But wait! Hold on. During the cave man days when the "Paleo" diet was the only one they had, the life expectancy for man and beast was just a fraction of the life expectancy we experience today. So what is the difference?

Mostly, it's cleanliness. Our food today is cleaner and better preserved with modern sanitation methods. We can also store our food safely with refrigeration and we know to sanitize cooking surfaces and and what temperature to cook to to kill all the harmful germs.

Some germs and bacteria are actually good for you, and other bacteria can kill you. This is true for both you and your pets. So, some processing is good - for food safety. Some processing is bad - because it strips nutrients from our foods.

We all want our pets to stay cute and live forever.

But it's a trade off. We now have the capability of giving our pets great natural food that is organic and safe. We want just the right amount of processing without sacrificing safety and nutrition. This means we are going to have to do our homework regarding the food that we and our pets eat. Each type of pet will need a tailored diet. Birds do not eat the same food that dogs eat, for instance. Lizards do not eat what hamsters eat. We will need to base our gourmet pet food diet on the types of food that our pets require.

Carnivore Versus Vegetarian

NEVER try to turn cats (strict carnivores) into vegetarians! It will make them sick and they will die.

Ask Your Veterinarian

When you take your new puppy or kitten to the vet for its shots, that is the perfect time to ask about the perfect diet for your pet.

A good veterinarian is trained in the types of foods that the different species of animals normally eat. They are also familiar with the foods that different types of animals should NEVER eat!

Get a list of foods that are dangerous to your chosen breed and species of pet. Some breeds have certain food 'allergies' for want of a better term.

Some species of animals find certain foods highly toxic to their system. And this can happen to individual pets as well.

Some pets just do not like certain foods or these foods upset their digestive system on an individual basis.

Should all pet food be organic?

  • 50% Say yes
  • 50% Say some processed food is OK - Check the ingredients label!

Raw food for pets

If you want to give your pets a more "natural" diet, stick to lean meats that have been cooked to eliminate bacteria and parasites. The so-called "raw food" diet has some issues with feeding pets because it's just not clean enough. Scrambling an egg or two for your dogs or cats is not going to harm them, but giving them raw eggs could.

Lean ground meats are good, but they should be cooked to kill parasites and bacteria that can infect your pets. Don't give them bones or fatty meat. This may actually cause severe harm to your pets! Dogs can eat apples, oranges, bananas, and watermelon. But do not give them the seeds! Seeds can cause obstructions in their digestive tract. The stems and leaves of some plants can kill your dog.

Cats are still carnivores, so don't give them fruits or vegetables!

Dogs can have carrot sticks, green beans, cucumber, zucchini, and baked (not raw) potato. But don't give them strange plants or stems, or leaves of plants. Dogs may also eat cooked rice or pasta (not for cats!). Boiled chicken and broth can make the rice or pasta taste better.

Raw foods are not necessarily better for your pets. A quality commercial pet food takes into consideration the vitamin and mineral needs of your pets. Making sure you give your pets all of the nutrients that they need can be quite expensive and time consuming.

The bottom line is, find a good quality food source for your pets and stick with it. Save the gourmet and special foods for treats!

Cats are Carnivores and need fresh meat!

Foods That Dogs Should NEVER Eat!

Some people swear that their dogs have eaten chocolate and lived, but you know it can't be good for dogs to eat chocolate. There have indeed been dogs that die from eating certain foods, so why take a chance?

It is a good practice to learn what foods are potentially harmful to your dogs and cats. When in doubt, ask a vet! But as a general rule, do not give the following to your pets:

  • Avocado
  • Alcohol
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Coffee, tea, or other caffiene
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Milk or dairy products (domestic pets do not digest cow mild very well)
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Candy, sugary treats, or gum
  • Chocolate
  • Raw bones (these may splinter)
  • Persimmons, Peaches, Plums
  • Raw eggs (can contain harmful bacteria)
  • Raw meat or fish (can contain harmful bacteria)
  • Yeast dough or bread
  • Ibuprophen (Motrin, Advil)
  • Don't give pets people medicine in general unless directed to by a vet
  • Baking powder and baking soda (toxic)
  • Nutmeg (toxic)
  • Fatty foods
  • Spicy foods

Please Ask a Veterinarian About Organic Pet Food...

Watch the video above and make a list of questions for your vet!

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