Mad Scientist Halloween Costume and Party Ideas

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Throw a Science themed party for Halloween!

Mad Scientist Halloween Party Ideas

Ah, science lab, the class we all loved to hate. Dissecting frogs, strange things in jars and bubbling experiments gone horribly wrong were the theme of many college party ideas. There is no end to the ideas one can experiment with by having a mad scientist Halloween party!

Costumes and makeup ideas are easy for all. Everyone needs a few simple items of clothing, some weird gloves and a touch of makeup. That's it! Or is it? Go crazy and add accessories like wigs, bushy eyebrows and some slime covered lab coats.

The drink recipes include green stuff, yellow stuff, red stuff or any other color of stuff. Throw in some pieces of dry ice and you have a smoking combination that gets your Halloween party off to a riotous good time. Serve drinks in beakers and flasks. Set up some interesting experiments and explore games requiring cerebral aptitude. Heck, go wild and put out some skulls and brains too.

Mad Scientist Costume Ideas

The first thing you will need is a lab coat. These are readily accessible at any Halloween costume shop or any uniform shop. They are not very expensive and if you want to provide lab coats for your guests, you can buy disposable lab coats from eBay or If you are friends with a laboratorian, you might borrow one from them.

A lot of mad scientist wear scrub suits. These are available at uniform shops and stores like Target. You might find some at Goodwill or other thrift stores. Good mad scientists need doctors frequently, so some of your guests may want to support their costumes with stethoscopes or fake syringes (please leave the sharp needles at home).

Mad scientists have crazy hair, presumably because they simply do not have the time to waste on good grooming. In fact, many scientists wear stained, bloody and wrinkled clothing, so no need to spend large sums of money buying a Halloween costume.

Gloves are essential wear for scientists and they come in all kinds of wild colors and styles. For comfort, you may want to find some cotton lined gloves. Hospital type gloves work well and hey, they don't leave fingerprints at the, er... scene of the experiments.

Any old shoes will do. The rattier, the better. Scientists are always spilling acid and other dubious materials onto their shoes. Some scientists have been known to wear bunny slippers to work. ie: Real Genius

The only other accessory to a mad scientist Halloween costume might be lab goggles. Driving goggles are an acceptable substitute.

Mad Scientist Halloween DIY Costume by Goodwill Home Decor Expert Merri Cvetan

Shopping list for mad scientist or mad doctor Halloween costume:

  • lab coat
  • scrub suit
  • crazy hair - natural or a wig
  • gloves
  • old shoes (or bunny slippers) and old stained clothes
  • safety goggles
  • makeup (see the video for ideas)

Mad Scientist Halloween Accessories:

  • beakers and flasks
  • chalk boards with odd equations on them
  • pet hamsters or mice in cages (no animal cruelty, please) you can use beanie animals
  • kids chemistry experiment kit set up
  • skeletons and skulls
  • fake brains and organs
  • jars (with lids) containing unidentifiable substances
  • smog machine or dry ice in a bucket - be sure to use tongs for handling dry ice!

Halloween Party Drink Recipes

  1. Ginger Ale plus melting orange or pineapple sherbet
  2. Any alcoholic drink recipe in a punch bowl with some dry ice and served in beakers
  3. Ginger Ale plus any color of Cool-Aid. Add ice cubes made with weird ice cube tray shapes. They come in like bugs or skulls. Check online for party shapes - ice cubes
  4. Frozen drinks from a margarita maker or snow cone maker in odd colors. Add food coloring for just the right greenish tint. Add gummy worms for garnishes.
  5. Fill a small glove with water and tie it off like a water balloon and freeze it to put in the punch bowl to keep things cold.

Halloween Party Food

This is the best part. Every year at Halloween, grocery stores, bakeries and caterers gear up for spooktacular party food. At the grocery store, every imaginable candy (and some not so common) is available in the traditional colors of orange and black.

Candy corn, popcorn balls, licorice sticks and caramel apples are big favorites. All those bags of miniature candy are great for filling up skull candy dishes or animated Halloween trick or treat dishes. You bought it, so go ahead and use it.

Bakeries turn out tasty orange and black cupcakes, rolls and cute finger snacks. You can even make your own with biscuit dough, sliced almond 'fingernails' (dipped in red food coloring) and making little slits where the knuckles go. Experiment ahead of time.

Barbecue ribs all covered in sauce served with rolls and potato salad or coleslaw will be sure to please all of the scientists. roasted cauliflower and garlic makes a nice brainy vegetable side dish. Pimento cheese sandwiches are good for snacks. If you need a dessert (which you don't need with all that Halloween candy), try a simple red gelatin concoction with gummy worms suspended in the gel.

Other Halloween Party Theme Ideas

  • Mad Doctor, Nurse, Psyche Ward Patient
  • Ghost, Goblins and Witches
  • Vampires and Zombies
  • Biker Gang (Sons of Anarchy)
  • Dexter the Mad Killer
  • Werewolf, Mummy, Monster Theme
  • Come as You Are Party
  • Pretty Costumes like Fairies, Princesses
  • Dark Shadows Theme

Tip: Mad scientist themes work well for birthday parties too!

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