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Old New England Romance Dark Shadows Costume Ideas for Halloween

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Plan a Halloween party theme based on Dark Shadows

Hair, makeup and dress for Vampires

Vampires, ghosts, werewolves and witches are back! The latest Dark Shadows release features Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins, the vampire with a past. Strange things are happening at Collinsport and Collinswood, as well as the Blue Whale Bar. The story also includes every cemetery and nuthouse within a hundred miles.

The soap opera hit of the 1960s, like Barnabas, has never really died. Everyone keeps coming back for more of the saga. It was campy in its day and it's campy now.

It's the perfect theme for a rocking Halloween theme party! You just can't get too weird or too old fashioned during a Dark Shadows blast.

How to do vampire makeup and costume

Surprisingly few people dress up as vampires for Halloween. I know this because I always dress as a vampire! My whole working career was spent working with real, actual blood. I have fake bags of blood just laying around for fun.

Whenever I go to a Halloween party, I rarely see another vampire. I have always thought that was strange considering how easy it is to apply the makeup and a vampire's costume consists of anything that is black.

Vampire makeup by L.A. Cargill

Vampire Makeup:

  • Graftobian - Vampire Makeup Kit
  • Apply a base of very light or white theatrical makeup
  • Pencil in a V shaped widow's peak high up on the forehead just below the hairline
  • Fill the widow's peak with a dark powder blush, preferably a rusty red color.
  • With an eyebrow pencil, accentuate the eyebrows heavily with a dark color.
  • Apply a few coats of mascara to the eyelashes
  • Apply dark blush or eye shadow under the eyebrows and under the eyes too.
  • Use a dark eyeliner around the eyes. Shade everything to look "sunken in"
  • Use a dark red lipstick and paint a whimsical blood drop coming out of the corner of the mouth. Outline the lips and blood drop with a dark pencil
  • Use dark blush to shade the sides of the nose and underneath the chin
  • If you have a light touch, you can use white finishing powder to set all of the other makeup.
  • Red fingernails, of course - or black
  • Use styling gel to slick back your hair or freeze it into a style you prefer.
  • Add some cool vampire teeth and a Bloody Mary and you're done!

Vampire Costume - Anything Black!

I made a cape out of an old slip and pinned it with some costume jewelry. I also wore a black bathing suit top which created the cool V-neck, I used glitter to make my cleavage really sparkle. Black pants and shoes and violá, a Vampire is born.

Vampire shopping list:

  • bite marks on the neck (complete with dripping "blood")
  • vampire fangs
  • capes
  • wings
  • makeup kits
  • wigs
  • gloves
  • boots
  • jewelry
  • bat related items

Ghost makeup and dress or costume

A ghost costume for Halloween doesn't have to be a sheet with two eye holes cut out. Be creative! Go to a thrift shop or costume shop and find an antique white-ish dress made of flimsy or gossamer material. Beige and ivory colors work too. Guys should look for an old formal type of suit in black.

White costume makeup is required for ghosts, but black makeup pencils and dark shadow blush can be used as above for that colorless, drained look. The makeup tips are about the same, but don't include vampire teeth!

Werewolf makeup and costumes

Werewolves are tricky. The easiest thing is to get a werewolf mask and gloves. A really good makeup artist can do werewolf makeup, but they might be hard to find.

In order to be a convincing werewolf, you will need the demented attitude of a rabid dog. Your hair should be long and shaggy. Your jaw should resemble Jay Leno's chin.

Expect to spend three or four hours trying to get the makeup just right. You may need to wash it all off and start over.

Check with local drama schools at high schools and universities. Maybe an enterprising student will help you with the makeup.

For a costume, you should look for old ripped and torn clothes. The local Goodwill store has tons of costume ideas and clothes available around Halloween themes. Start looking for items at the beginning of October. New stock is put out weekly and you may find just the thing if you keep returning to the store.

Werewolf shopping list:

Witch costumes and makeup

Forum Novelties Women's Classic Witch Costume, Black, Standard

Witch costumes can be beautiful, like Glenda, the good witch, or ugly to the bone. Witches can also be sexy, like The Witches of Eastwick. Decide how you want to go with a witch costume and start planning your outfit.

For good witches, normal makeup will do. Apply it liberally and don't skimp on the quality. For ugly witches, buy a witch makeup kit and smear it on heavily. Don't forget to add a wart or two.

For sexy witches, you may want to invest in a lot of costume jewelry.

For clothing, look for thrift shops, costume shops, antique clothing shops and the old standby, Goodwill. Black clothing is good for ugly witches. taffeta and lavish clothing is good for beautiful witches and sexy witches already know what to wear. Something tight and revealing. Something that shows off their power!

Dark Shadows Theme Parody Video:

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