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Happy Halloween, Sons of Anarchy Style

Halloween Party Ideas - Sons of Anarchy Theme

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Sons of Anarchy Halloween Theme Party

Let's plan a Halloween party! This year's theme will be based on the exciting, extreme TV show called Sons of Anarchy (Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original) SAMCRO. If you haven't watched this amazing television drama, then go straight to Hulu.com, set up an account and watch them all from the beginning. You can also go to FX Network and watch episodes there. The final season is over now, so set your DVRs to catch every exciting rerun.

SOA will be in full swing by October 31st, so everyone will want to be dressing up like a biker or a biker chick. They will want the sleeve tattoos (wearable tattoos that look so real), and some temp tattoos to place in various other parts of the body. Did you know that there are tramp stamp temporary tattoos? Well, there are, so if you are into doing the slutty porno star (also part of the Sons of Anarchy theme), then you will be able to find all sorts of sexy Halloween costumes this year.

Here's a rundown of the characters from the show:

  • Jax - Charlie Hunnam - Tough and rugged vice-president of SAMCRO. He's blonde with longish blonde hair and a beard and mustache. He has the grim reaper logo for SAMCRO on his back and his back and cute little butt are featured prominently on the show. Oh, yea, he's hot ladies.
  • Gemma Morrow - Katey Sagal - Bitchin' Biker Mama who is the lead 'old lady. You may remember Katey Sagal from such shows as Futurama (Leela), Married With Children (Peg Bundy) and other dramatic roles in various shows. As Gemma, she kicks some serious butt and keeps the club in line.
  • Clay Morrow - Ron Perlman - He's not in Kansas anymore! Clay is the quintessential biker bad boy. He's the President of SAMCRO and man does he have the character down.
  • Tara Knowles - Maggie Siff - The biker chick who became a doctor. She tried to get out of the life, but she's the only girl Jax has ever loved and she's back, tramp stamp and all. She's cut to follow in Gemma's footsteps as the Matriarch of the club.
  • Bobby Munson - Harley to the bone and smart too
  • Tig Trager - SAMCRO Sargent at arms, stone cold killer with a heart
  • Chibbs Telford - Scottish bad boy with scars, hard to understand, but sure plays a biker like he knows what it's all about.
  • Juice Ortiz - the nerd biker boy who knows all about spy ware
  • Opie Winston - he lost his wife to the club and doesn't even know it. There will be hell to pay when he finds out the truth
  • Piney Winston - Opie's dad. He knows the truth and is counting on Jax to make things right.

Now the characters are what make Sons of Anarchy special. To plan a party theme around this show means you need to understand the ways and means of a motorcycle gang. Just remember that it's not real, it's a Halloween Party! You can be your own character!

Wardrobe choices for Sons of Anarchy Video:

Sons of Anarchy - Inside The Final Ride: Dressing SAMCRO Video

Watch the video to get a real feel for the types and styles of the main characters. Sometimes it's just a basic costume idea that makes the best Halloween show!

Halloween Food and Tricks and Treats

Keep it simple and easy to manage. Think of great finger foods. Don't forget Halloween themed napkins and paper plates. Black forks and spoons and knives for plastic ware, drink cups Have guests bring some simple snack food.

  • Hot wings
  • Jalepeno cheese dip
  • Sausage/hamburger/onion soup mix to make meatballs
  • BBQ sandwiches
  • potato salad
  • veggie tray
  • Halloween candy bowls with edible skulls, eyes, fingers, other body parts

A good spiked Hawaiian punch, (red) with smoking dry ice will be a hit. Non-alcoholic punch will be cool too. Here's a cute trick to keep the punch cool if you don't have dry ice. Fill a rubber glove or two with water and freeze it. Then remove the glove and plop the hand into the punch! Using gloves of different sizes creates a killer effect.

Don't forget cute little gifts for best costume, best sexy costume, most authentic, etc. Make some motorcycle club style patches with titles that people can wear on their costumes. Name your own Motorcycle Club! Choose names like:

  • Jeepers Creepers MC
  • Angels of Death MC
  • Charley's Harleys
  • Raisin Bran Clan
  • Dudes of Death MC
  • Ol' Fards MC

Halloween D├ęcor for Sons of Anarcy theme

A Harley-Davidson motorcycle, of course. The more the better. If you know people with motorcycles, invite them over and be sure to include their hogs! You can rent a Harley in some towns if you don't have one. Or maybe just some big posters of various Harley's will do.

Leather furniture is good. You could rent or borrow some if you don't have your own. Having the party outdoors is nice too. We have a yearly bonfire for Halloween, weather permitting.

Black and Orange streamers fit in perfectly with a biker party! Anything with skulls or the grim reaper would work. Maybe a lamp or a photo stand up of the reaper. Carved pumpkins with a biker theme would be fantastic.

Halloween Costume Ideas - Sons of Anarchy Theme

  • Leather! - Boots, jackets, pants, skirts, vests, chaps, hats
  • Black - anything black is the color for bikers
  • Skulls - Tattoos, rings, earrings, emblems, patches
  • Tattoos - real or temporary
  • Sleeve tattoos - wearable and removable
  • Chains - especially attached to wallets
  • Heavy makeup for the ladies - the sluttier the better
  • Cuts - No not the kind from a knife, Motorcycle Clubs call their Club colors and emblems a "cut"
  • Hats or helmets - watch caps, do-rags, special haircuts like Mohawks
  • Cigars and cigarettes - real or fake
  • Collars - black and spiked
  • Wrist cuffs - black and spiked
  • Gloves with studs in them and finger ends cut off
  • Wigs
  • Fake facial hair

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