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Team Vampire or Team Werewolf Costume Ideas for Halloween

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Throw a Twilight Party!

The Twilight Series - Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn

From the beginning, the Twilight Saga has captured the hearts of star crossed teen lovers everywhere. Joining Team Edward, Team Jacob or Team Bella is one of the cool things to do. This Halloween, having a Twilight Movie party will be the favorite of teenagers and parents across the country. There is something so mysterious and lovely about the movie that fans are sure to enjoy a New Moon, Twilight 2, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn themed Halloween party this fall.

The movie series starring Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, and Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, is the Romeo and Juliet story with vampires, werewolves and mortals playing out the never ending struggle of good versus evil and the varying shades of gray that occupies both trains of thought. It's also a pretty good teen romance story.

The movies are all about choices. Bella must ultimately choose what she wants out of life (or immortal life as it were). She must choose between true love with Edward, the vampire; or true friendship with Jacob, the werewolf. The obvious third choice would be to have both, but the movie is all about choices and Bella must make a decision. High school graduation is fast approaching and life must go on. Enter the bad vampire who wants revenge against Edward for killing her vampire mate. She feels she must get even by killing Bella. Edward and Jacob feel they must defend Bella against the jealous vampire with her army of newly formed vampires. But Bella has a bunch of old vampires in her corner along with an alliance of a large pack of werewolves, so I suspect all of the supernatural friends of Bella will keep here safe in the much anticipated fight scene.

I can suggest some cool party suggestions for your Twilight party - There are fake corpses, Dracula themed items, Elvira - Mistress of the Dark accessories, and goth style makeup and clothes. Read on, I'm going to tell you how to dress up as a vampire or a werewolf...

Twilight Theme Parody Video:

Twilight Parody - By The Hillywood Show Video

Team Edward

Team Edward fans will want to dress as vampires. Hundreds of vampire products are available from Halloween Costumes.com There are Modern Vampire Makeup Kits, vampire and werewolf costumes for children, teens, adults, and plus sizes. The amount of realistic props is mind boggling. Here's a partial list of items that will give your Halloween party some real flair for the undead:
  • bite marks on the neck (complete with dripping "blood")
  • vampire fangs
  • capes
  • wings
  • makeup kits
  • wigs
  • gloves
  • boots
  • jewelry
  • bat related items

This online store has it all. One stop shopping for all of your party needs. Everyone in the family can be outfitted from this one online store. No running around all over town to find a costume for dad, one for mom, or cousin Thing. Just click on the link and complete an order for everyone and everything to make your Halloween invitations and party a huge New Moon success!

Team Jacob

Team Jacob fans will be wearing the latest werewolf costumes. They come in all shapes and sizes. Werewolves are very scary creatures. I think the notion of werewolves came from having hairy ancestors. Some men still walk around today with way too much hair on their chests. It's weird when Jacob goes shirtless, which gives the girls a huge thrill, but his chest has absolutely no hair on it! Well, that's what happens when he turns into a werewolf.

Buy these supplies for werewolves at Halloween Costumes too:
  • Full Moon Madness Werewolf Costume for men
  • Werewolf costumes for boys
  • wolf gloves
  • wolf masks
  • werewolf hands
  • werewolf feet
  • werewolf makeup
  • Werewolf window poster

So many werewolf products, you won't know when to stop!

Team Bella

Team Bella goth look by MorgueFiles

Assemble a beautiful Bella costume. She's pale, she's lovely, she glows in the dark. She wears stylish clothes. She's a teenager. I don't think adults should be trying to pull this one off. But the online shop at Halloween Costumes will stock the best makeup products available to give you that vampire wanna-be glow. Darken those eyes, highlight those cheekbones. Get some dark brooding lipstick. Both vampires and werewolves will want to protect you and bring you into their fold for some deep Halloween fun!

Anything gothic in nature will work for Bella's costume. Aw, heck, go full Goth to bring out the dark side. Use NCIS Abby's Lab Coat and Choker Costume Kit as a model for everything Goth. Spiders, long dark black hair, heavy rings, dark clothes, big boots, long black skirts. She can even make a Scottish Kilt look Goth.

Get awesome Twilight Halloween Costumes Here....

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