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How to make a cool Halloween Wreath for your front door

Wreaths are just the thing for decorating during the holidays. They can be stored easily in a nice box marked Halloween which will probably fit under your bed out of the way when you put up your Christmas wreath or your Easter wreath or any other holiday wreath.

Decorating your door with a Halloween wreath says, "Hi, I am participating in the holiday spirit and I have great candy and treats for wayward ghosts and goblins!" Plus it really dresses up your door.

A hand made craft wreath will be yours for many years and will bring back fun memories every time you get it out to hang on the door once again. It will also get you in the Halloween spirit to decorate the rest of your house and yard.

Craft items needed for this project:

Instructions for how to make this Halloween wreath

  1. Start with a good grape vine wreath. You can make your own by twisting old vines around in a circle until you get the shape and size you want. I like to just go and buy a plain grapevine wreath. It's so much easier and you will be shopping for other craft items at the same time. Alternatively, you can order grape vine wreaths on Amazon.
  2. Depending on the sturdiness of your grape vine wreath, you may have to wrap it with some leather lacing or some kind of spooky netting to give it some heft and stability.
  3. Stringing a spider web inside the wreath is easy and just exactly the same way as doing a dream catcher web. See my article dream catchers. The technique is very simple and once you practice and learn how, you will not only be able to make a great Halloween wreath, you will be able to make dream catchers too!
  4. Add beads and little spiders or spooky beads to the string as you go. You may also attach things later with hot glue, super glue or nylon fishing string. Go crazy and add whatever you like!
  5. To finish off the spider web all you have to do it tie it off. You don't have to be elegant and a stringy, untidy look may even enhance the wreath. If you don't want the tie off to be noticeable, you can use super glue - just a tiny drop! The string will never become unraveled.
  6. Next, I added some Halloween netting that I found in the clearance box one season. It was old and looked appropriate for this craft project.
  7. Now, depending on the size and scope of your wreath, you will want to attach Halloween crafty things like a giant glittering spider with googly eyes! I also had a stuffed bat that knew would look just perfect on this door decoration. A cute little felt pumpkin completed the Halloween wreath.
  8. To hang the wreath, all you need is an inexpensive door wreath hanger. This is essential and can be used year round. These are so cheap that you can buy several of them and create wreaths for your back door too.

Halloween Series: Door Wreaths! Video by scrappinnwrappin

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