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How to prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse or other emergencies

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Zombie Survival Gear and Makeup Tips

Disaster Survival Gear and Kits

Mad Cow disease, Natural Disasters or Zombie Apocalypse?

One day you may wake up to find that there are infected zombies all over your neighborhood. Or you may wake up to any number of other disasters falling out of the sky (tornadoes), falling out of bed (earthquakes) or volcano debris may be falling down around you.

Disasters happen in all shapes and forms. Zombie attacks may be the least of your worries, but being prepared for a disaster should be a top priority.

If you have ever seen a movie about zombies, then you know that you and your neighbors are ill equipped to deal with them. Crowbars are useful, but do you have one near your door? How about having enough supplies to barricade yourself into your home until help arrives and deploys decoy brains to cause the zombies to move on?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention want you to prepare for the coming zombie apocalypse. They are preparing to save lives, protect people and cut health care costs by issuing guidelines on protecting yourself and others in the event of a major zombie attack or other unexpected public health emergency.

Or you may want to learn how to do Zombie makeup for an audition on a TV show or as an extra in a Zombie movie. You might want to have a yard full of zombies for Halloween or for a Zombie Run or YouTube video.

Zombie Make-Up Tips for Halloween: Inside The Walking Dead
Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead TV Zombie show from Pixabay
Rick Grimes from the TV show, The Walking Dead

How to hypothetically create a zombie - Warning! Don't try this at home!

Some say that zombies come from the religion called Voodoo, but anyone with basic medical and chemical knowledge can create a zombie. Most voodoo lore comes from New Orleans, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and other Caribbean islands.

It only takes two ingredients in just the right amounts to create your own pet zombie.

Coup de Poudre contains tetrodotoxin (found in Japanese fugu), and datura.

When properly prepared and administered through a wound or cut, the powder will render the subject in an un-dead state for days! Please do not try this at home, get professional help.

The best way to create zombies is to use professional theatrical make up and zombie costumes. All of these things are readily available and easy to assemble. I recommend the Adult Zombie Costume at Halloween Costume Shop

Top 10 Zombie Movies for inspiration

  • Resident Evil
  • Night of the Living Dead
  • Dawn of the Dead
  • Day of the Dead
  • Zombie
  • Dead Girl
  • Shaun of the Dead
  • The Return of the Living Dead
  • Braindead
  • Fido

And of course, watch the Walking Dead TV show or Fear of the Walking Dead for more ingenious ways to create and use zombies and excellent survival tips.

Zombie makeup from Pixabay

Disaster Kits and Gear, not just for a Zombie Apocalypse

Basic emergency disaster kits to have on hand (or use as props for a Halloween party!)

Actually placing a crowbar or baseball bat by your front door is a good idea. Putting them in every room of the house could be even better. If zombies break in through a window, you won't have time to run to the front door to grab the bat. Tip: Aim for the head!

Next, store an emergency kit in the family room and make sure everyone in the family knows where it is and what's in it. Check it once a year when you check your fire alarm batteries. I suggest using a large decorative antique trunk or suitcase to store your stuff in. Beauty and function in one.

Place the following items in your case:

  • non-expiring packaged food. enough for a week or two, don't forget food for the pets
  • as many tools as you can spare like hammer, screwdrivers, utility knives or a nice pre-packed "every tool in a kit" or a Swiss Knife with all the attachments.
  • add rolls and rolls of duct tape. This stuff is priceless during disasters and you can always capture a zombie and immobilize it with duct tape
  • place a sealed and bagged gallon of bleach in the trunk. Bleach is useful for purifying water and disinfecting zombie viruses
  • some soap, wash cloths and towels will come in handy
  • blankets and extra clothes for everyone - use those one size fits all t-shirts or sleep shirts
  • buy a quality first aid kit for your emergency trunk. There is no known way to treat a zombie bite at this time, but you might sustain injuries trying to fight them off.
  • stockpile a case or two of bottled water that's the first thing you are going to need, so pack it near the top.
  • put anything else in there that you can think of that you will need to survive a few weeks without modern conveniences. Batteries, a crank radio, or fake Halloween brains to throw

Draw up an emergency plan and place it with other important papers just inside the trunk. Include phone numbers and meeting places if your family gets separated. Throw your family a zombie preparedness party and discuss all things disaster related!

Although some people believe guns and perhaps bazookas are effective against zombies (or other viral infected creatures) I say it will just spread the virus, so if you are going to use guns and ammo during an emergency, be sure to know how to use them properly.

Apocalyptic disaster that you may encounter other than a zombie survival scenario

  1. Tornado
  2. Earthquake
  3. Volcano eruption
  4. Hurricanes
  5. Drought
  6. The plaque
  7. The flu pandemic
  8. Floods
  9. Meteor or Comet strike
  10. All of the above

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